SRSD – Francisco Boulevard East Sewer Rehabilitation Project



Bidding Closed

Prebid Date5/12/20 2:00pm

Bid Date5/28/20 1:30pm

Company & Contacts

San Rafael Sanitation District

Max Wilson, P.E.   (415) 453-4480 x208

The revised mandatory pre-bid conference to be held at 2:00 PM on May 12th, 2020 via teleconference

Work covered in these contract documents for the construction of the “East Francisco Blvd Sewer Replacement Project” consists of the following.

• All construction work will be done at night between the hours of 9 pm and 6 am. The contractor shall not perform any work including warming up and servicing equipment, receiving deliveries and other related work prior to permitted starting time of 9 pm and after permitted work ending of 6 am. Contractor shall coordinate his traffic control plan with City of San Rafael’s “Francisco Boulevard East Sidewalk Improvements Project” Traffic Control Requirements (see specifications Appendix D for link to these Contract Documents).
• Provide traffic control, coordinated with City Contractor for Francisco Boulevard East Sidewalk Improvements Project
• Coordinated sewer installation start times with City Contractor’s demolition work (see attached Contract Documents for City of San Rafael Francisco Boulevard East Sidewalk Improvement Project). Contractor will share the use of the movable traffic barriers provided by the City’s Contractor. The District’s Sewer Contractor will be expected to carefully move these barriers at the start of each nights work, to provide a working area within the west bound lane of East Francisco Blvd., and move them back to the edge of the traveled way at the end of the night’s work.
• Pothole all utilities crossing and alongside new sewer construction as shown on Plans. Prepare written pothole log. (NOTE: Existing underground electrical conduits and communication were built over older sewer segments which are being replaced. Contractor must work around these facilities with care.)
• Field locate, pothole existing laterals and side sewers
• Provide internal televising of existing sewer mains
• Construct sewers, manholes and appurtenances as shown on the plans
• Construct new lower laterals, side sewers and cleanouts as shown on the plans
• Provide internal televising of all completed sewer mains
• Provide internal televising of new sewer laterals
• The restoration of all concrete curbs, gutters, sidewalks and surface improvements will be done by the City’s Contractor after the sewer project is completed. The Sewer Contractor will be expected to restore all of his/her trench excavation for sewer mains and sewer laterals with a temporary 3 inch, in two lifts, of compacted smooth hot mix asphalt, after placing and compacting the specified backfill to District’s approval. This includes the area damaged by trenching and construction within the traveled way of Francisco Blvd East, it also includes the area where the future concrete curb and gutter will be placed, and the future concrete sidewalk area where the sewer laterals were constructed. The bid items for constructing the curb, gutter and driveway approach per Uniform Standards all Cities and County of Marin, with designated bid item quantities are presented on the bid form and will be used only if deemed necessary in limited locations by the District.
• Contractor shall maintain a “clear and accessible public corridor”. Contractor shall provide and maintain a path to the businesses and residences, using aggregate base to backfill after sewer construction on sidewalk. The aggregate base shall be firmly packed to establish a safe and ADA compliant path along the entire work zone.).